IBIX Specialty Cleaning System

The IBIX® system is an air-abrasion equipment especially designed to clean delicate artefacts and/or those of historic-artistic value in a controlled and selective manner. The IBIX ® system is extremely useful for a selective cleaning that protects also the coating film finish of artefacts since its operation parameters (pressure; inert material/air mixture control) can be perfectly adjusted to the work to be performed, and eco-friendly inert material of suitable nature and grain size (walnut shells, mineral garnet of 200-mesh grain size, etc.) is used.

The dry IBIX® system is suitable for blasting bare wooden & stone artefacts as it cleans off those hard-to-remove paint coats.

The dry IBIX® system is especially useful to give artefacts the proper porosity needed for further conservation treatments. In particular, the IBIX® System is successfully used for micro-removal so that intumescent paint can be later applied: the artefacts to be treated should be free of dust, grease, oils, silicones or any other substance that may cause paint not to hold well to the surface


IBIX is the leading company in the specialist cleaning industry and its technology stands out for its versatile – lightweight equipment, easy to move around which facilitates working on site, for an array of applications in many fields.

The new micro-aero-abrasive cleaning system puts together for the first time the patent HELIX with the dry and wet (H2O) eco-blasting technologies; a triple functionality that assures an extraordinary versatility and an effectiveness never seen before.


The best of IBIX innovation is expressed in a new technology that will allow you to reduce drastically the time for cleaning, paint removal, restoration and treatment of surfaces, all with a simple and ecological method, safe for the environment and the operators.

Trilogy represents the state of art in the fields of surface treatment, industrial and special cleaning, restoration and urban cleanliness, allowing with its unique characteristics an unheard of versatility able to provide the best answer in every work context;


IBIX® H2O Selective Cleaning Systems

Dual action dry and/or wet technology that allows water spraying by mixing it in output with carbonates or other minerals. The IBIX® H2O systems feature quick lock systems for easy connection to water mains or a water tank.
In conservative restoration works, the system IBIX® H2O allows meeting any cleaning requirements offering high level performances in terms of qualitative and quantitative yield. It further provides top level performance in the field of urban recovery (graffiti cleaning, removal of chewing-gum etc).


Rotational Vortex HELIX® media cleaning system


A combination of the Venturi effect generated by the special conformation of the outlet cone and the helical rotary movement system considerably reduces the compressed air demand and increases the contact area.
The special wearproof Tungsten Carbide-based steel used allows manufacturing nozzles that stand out for durability and long useful life even when using abrasives of extreme hardness.