Lead is a poisonous metal that can damage nervous connections (especially in young children) and cause blood and brain disorders. The primary cause of lead poisoning is due to inhalation of lead dust. Lead enters the bloodstream and is distributed throughout the body. Even low levels of exposure to lead can cause memory and concentration problems and have a lengthened affect on nervous system function. Lead is a highly toxic metal that produces a range of adverse health effects, particularly in young children.
The primary sources of lead exposure: deteriorated paint in older housing, and dust and soil that are contaminated with lead from old paint. Airborne lead enters the body when you breathe or swallow lead particles or dust once it has settled. General effects of lead exposure are: Decreased verbal ability, decreased learning and memory, lowered IQ, early signs of ADHD, impaired speech, and hearing.

Environmental Waste Technologies Ltd is uniquely qualified to provide full lead evaluation and remediation, and identify potential problem areas. When it comes to lead, Environmental Waste Technologies Ltd team of experts can:

  • Determine presence of lead containing materials
  • Provide a comprehensive plan to reduce and eliminate exposure
  • Identify potential problem areas and sources
  • Full recommendation and solutions
  • Provide full lead evaluation, and analysis
  • Remove and dispose of materials as outlined in plan