Deep Cleaning & Sanitising with Ozone – Highly effective in the treatment of Viruses, Bacteria, Odour, Insect Infestations, Mould & Fungi.


Viruses and in particular Covid 19 are a very hot topic at the moment as it sweeps around the world and effects almost every corner of the Planet, killing & infecting hundreds of thousands as it continues to spread. As we know viruses by their very nature are difficult to contain they are highly contagious and spread rapidly through communities, countries & continents. Ozone O3 is a proven highly effective killer of some of the world’s toughest viruses. Ozone is a completely green, 100% natural and chemical free gas and is created using just electricity and oxygen. Yet despite using only natural elements, it is still able to kill highly infectious viruses such as norovirus, rotavirus, enteric adenovirus and Norwalk virus. In fact, tests have proven it will kill norovirus in just 2 seconds when sprayed onto the infected surface, despite norovirus being one of the most difficult viruses to kill. Ozone was very effective in killing the SARS Coronavirus & MSRA realising a killing rate of 99.22%. The virus found in Wuhan and SARS virus both belong to the Coronavirus. Researchers found that the novel coronavirus is 80% similar to the SARS virus in their genome sequences. It is reasonable to predict that ozone is equally effective in preventing and controlling the new coronavirus. Ozone cause irreversible damage to lipids and enveloped viruses. Covid -19 is an enveloped virus. Popular Sanitising methods such as Fogging and Mist Spraying toxic chemical disinfectants into the air & on surfaces to kill the virus will cause additional health implications such as respiratory issues, exacerbated asthma, skin irritation and eye irritation as they leave toxic chemical residues. The use of Chlorine and Hypochlorite has been significantly reduced in many countries and discouraged in many more due to the possible formation of carcinogenic by-products such as Trihalomethanes (THM) produced during disinfecting. Ozone (O3) is a natural deodoriser able to neutralise the air and create a safe comfortable environment to be in, eliminating harmful airborne pathogens with the added benefit of killing Viruses, Bacteria, Odours, & Insect infestations.


Ozone is an unstable gas which means that it can not be stored. We use CE certified, UKAS & ISO – 9001 approved Ozone Generators for use in 3 different sizes depending on area or vehicle to be sanitised. These Ozone producing generators have inbuilt Safe Systems which turn the ozone back into Oxygen making the area safe for both the operator and occupier to return to straightaway.

We use gas monitors to verify before handing back over to the client. These new improved ozone generators are considered a rapid green technology that can return you Business, Home, Vehicle or any enclosed space back to normal operation quickly and cost effectively. Ozone leaves no residues or stain. It has a maximum penetration ability and reaches all areas including hard to reach corners and surfaces of rooms. If there is Oxygen there then Ozone can sanitise and disinfect it.

We use Hygiena EnSURE™ Touch ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) to measure results before & after treatments. ATP Is an energy molecule found in all living cells including skin, blood, mucus, saliva, viruses, fungi, mould, spores and bacteria. EnSURE™ Touch is an advanced monitoring system that collects, analyses and reports data from a variety of long-trusted quality tests, providing rapid and accurate sanitation verification data. It uses bioluminescence technology to identify and measure ATP